Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pobalscoil Rosmini, Drumcondra and Patrick Hunt and Adrian King

Architects Patrick Hunt and Adrian King are working with Pobalscoil Rosmini in Drumcondra, Dublin. Here's what they have to say about the project so far:

"We have been visiting the T.Y. students on a regular basis and have undertaken a number of small architectural projects with them, including a space for contemplation and a live-work conglolerate for a small community. We also took the students to see Liam Mc Cormick’s Our Lady of Delours Chapel in Glasnevin and divided the students into small groups making observations and sketches about threshold, structure volume and light.

We have posted up some of the student’s sketches which we find evocative and can take some inspiration from. One is an abstract idea about the relationship between landscape and the classroom exploring the connection between space and nature. The other sketch is a section through a house for 50 people and shows a student’s idea about what this might include. Through this exercise we were able to highlight shared and private spaces within a building and where these overlapping spaces might occur.

These exercises highlighted the love affair modern students have with technology. Play stations, nintendo DS and all manner of electronic media featured in the majority of the drawings produced. Even when asked to consider the quality and character of the spaces themselves, students still tended to design a place for their machines. From these observations we have noticed the effects that this technological obsession is having on the student understanding of the world around them. We feel it is important to remake the lost connections between nature, growth, play and learning."

-Patrick Hunt and Adrian King

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