Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Alexandra College and Minka McInerney

Architect Minka McInerney and the TY students of Alexandra College are using the Consensus Design process to design a space for contemplation on the school grounds. The Consensus Design process what evolved by the British architect Christopher Day from the idea of social inclusion in the decision-making process, allowing all those involved to have their say.

The students have been spending time in their chosen site on the school campus to record physical characteristics as well as the mood and atmosphere of the site, and some of their sketches and mood impressions are above. They've also been researching the site's history, studying the school's history and historical maps.

Up until now, the group has purposely not spoken about how the finished work will look - only about how the feel about the site as it is, and how they would like it to feel when it's complete. Their design should "grow" from this work organically. It's an interesting approach, and one we're excited to see the results of!

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