Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Architect’s Brief, January 2010

Phase One:

A Space for Learning is a two-phase design competition encouraging collaboration between architects and students. 110 architects and more than 90 schools are currently participating in Phase One of the project, where the aim is to tease out the students’ ideas on design and architecture and expose the architects to the wants and needs of their end-users. Over the course of Phase One, each group will develop a design for a learning space, and documentation of that design idea must be submitted to the Irish Architecture Foundation by the 26th February(extended to 10th March) for consideration for participation in Phase Two.

Phase Two:

Between 5 and 10 selected groups will develop their design idea into an exhibition. Proposed ideas for exhibition format (for example, an architectural model, design boards, a film) to be included in the submission due on the 10th March. Selected groups will meet with the Irish Architecture Foundation in mid-March to finalise exhibition plans before further school workshops commence, with the overall coherence of the exhibition in mind.
Exhibition pieces are to be completed by the 28th May.
Participants of Phase Two will receive funding of €3000 to produce the exhibit. The breakdown of this funding into fees /materials/ production costs will be finalised during the mid-March meeting .The exhibits will form a national touring exhibition, beginning in late 2010.

Material to be submitted by the 10th March:

In order to be considered for Phase Two of A Space for Learning and the national touring exhibition, you must submit the following on behalf of your group on or before the 10th March:

Format: 2 A4 pages, to be emailed to (PDF or JPEG format), each clearly labelled with the name of the school and the architect(s)/architectural practice.

Criteria: Your proposal must demonstrate quality engagement between participants, architect and student. We are looking for innovative designs that address the following: sustainability, function, quality design, context, while also prioritizing the practical needs of the school and the students.

Content: Your A4 pages should give a clear indication of the following:
• What you are designing – for example, a school building, a classroom, an intervention, an outdoor learning space, an independent structure, a multi-use space, a space for specific use etc (drawings/visuals preferable, written description also useful)

• What is the idea behind your design?

• What issues you are addressing with your design – for example, sustainability, aesthetics, comfort, efficiency etc

• What involvement have the students had so far, what is their input? Consider including their written input, their drawings, photographs etc
Demonstration of the learning outcome for students & architect.

• What way you would propose to communicate that idea in an exhibition – for example, a model, detailed drawings and design boards, a film, a performance etc

This may seem like a lot to communicate in a small space, so keep everything as clear as you can. Even if you don’t advance to Phase Two, we intend to display everyone’s Phase One submission as part of the exhibition, so they will receive a wider audience than the selection panel.

Timeline: As a separate document you should outline how you propose to reach your goal at the end of Phase Two, i.e. how you will prepare for the exhibition, how many meetings you are planning to have with the students and so on. This document must be signed off by the teacher you are dealing with, as your timeline needs to take into account school holidays and the students’ other commitments.

In this document you should also outline the production plan, For example, is your exhibit to be produced during school workshops or commissioned professionally to a design developed with your students? All costs, including materials, workshop fees and any production costs must be within the maximum budget of €3000.

Additional Information:

Selection Panel: The selection panel will consist of:
Emmett Scanlon, Architecture Advisor to the Arts Council, CAST Architecture
Helen O’Donoghue, Senior Curator and Head of Education and Community Programmes, IMMA
Rachel McAree, Education Curator, IAF

The selection panel may also include representatives the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, and other government departments involved in funding this project, to be confirmed.

Checklist: Here is a reminder of the documents you must send us by the 10th March:
• 2 A4 pages, clearly labelled, outlining your design idea and exhibition proposal
• 1 document outlining your timeline for Phase Two and your budget

Feel free to post any comments or questions below - perhaps fellow participants can help with any queries you have :)

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