Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Welcome to our blog!

As part of A Space for Learning, the Education team at the Irish Architecture Foundation has set up a blog as a way of providing resources for participants. The blog is also an opportunity for architects, teachers and students to share their experiences of the project, and we hope you and the students will take the opportunity provide write-ups, photos, sketches, source material, videos and much more as you go through the project. Blog content can be easily derived from the workshops or any other classes that the schools may be linking to the project. It could also come in the form of any personal reports or log books that students may be required to write as part of the Transition Year programme. Come and visit to find useful links, articles and images and see what other schools and architects are up to. If any participants have any blog content, you can email it to or and we will put it online for you!


  1. The Blog is a good idea!
    I am one of the architects involved with the project and look forward to see what thoughts the students will have.

  2. Thanks for joining, Zeno! Let's hope this place is soon full of ideas from everyone involved :)